Daytona Cubs Begin Mascot Adoption Process

Popular FSL Mascot “Squeeze” Target of Adoption

[DAYTONA BEACH, FL] – The Daytona Cubs are proud to announce that they are in the process of drawing up papers in an effort to adopt the Vero Beach Devil Rays’ mascot Squeeze. Squeeze has been a popular mascot in the Florida State League for years and with Vero Beach closing in on its final week in the FSL, Cubby T. Bear of the Daytona Cubs is offering Squeeze a new home.

Squeeze has long been known for spending his time in Vero Beach at Holman Stadium and Cubby is offering him an opportunity to continue working in the sport he loves at another historic venue: Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Cubby has even offered to add additional space onto his den under the bleachers at “The Jack” for Squeeze to call his new home. The two would spend their summers walking the stands in Daytona making people happy and their winters eating peanut shells under the grandstand seating at the ballpark while watching re-runs of old hotdog eating contests on TV.

“Cubby brought this to our attention and it’s something that we are prepared to support him on throughout the adoption process and possible movement,” Cubs’ general manager Bill Papierniak said in regards to the Vero Beach mascot. “Squeeze has been a well-respected part of this league for as long as I can remember and we would welcome him with open-arms.”

Follow the possible adoption process of Squeeze at The Cubs have four home games remaining at Jackie Robinson Ballpark during the regular season, August 26-28. Tuesday and Thursday’s games will each begin at 7:05 p.m. while Wednesday’s game (Aug. 27) will be a doubleheader beginning at 5:05 p.m.