Cubs Unveil New Group Package for the Upcoming Season

Upper Deck Package Debuts for Groups of 10-20


The upcoming 2009 season of Daytona Cubs baseball has a new group package available for fans as they watch the Cubs try to defend their title. The Upper Deck package is available to groups that range from 10-20 people, and is only $14 per group member.

There are numerous perks inside of the Upper Deck package. Every guest in the group will have a reserved seat as well as a complimentary Launch-a-Ball. Each individual will receive a food voucher for chips and the choice of a hot dog, cheeseburger, bratwurst or pizza. On top of that each fan will be given two drink tickets for their choice of either a small beer or a medium soda. Along with the great food deals wait service will be provided so no one will have to wait in line and miss the Cubs in action.

To reserve your date you can contact the Daytona Cubs at (386) 257-3172 or at and as always for more information visit