Sponsorship Opportunities

The Daytona Cubs can meet the needs of any company, small or large and give a guarantee of the BEST customer service a company will ever find. With a focus on fan interaction, entertaining promotions and family fun, we promise to make our fans’ visit to Jackie Robinson Ballpark an exciting one.

We are inviting business leaders to join us in our commitment to give the game of baseball back to the fans by taking advantage of exciting, creative, affordable advertising that WILL drive traffic into YOUR business.

The Cubs can tailor any of the following to meet YOUR marketing goals and objectives:

Outfield Wall Signs

Billboards are viewed at all 70 home games, plus any other non-Daytona Cubs event at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Your logo or message will be displayed prominently in front of captive fans for four hours at every Daytona Cubs home game, plus any non-baseball related events at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.

8′ x 16′ Year-round (all events), production of sign
8′ x 32′ Year-round (all events), production of sign
8′ x 16′ Second-Level signage, plus production of sign
8′ x 32′ Second-Level signage

Top of Dugout
Your logo will be displayed prominently on top of either the home or visitor dugout based on availability.

Home Dugout – 3rd base side

3′ x 52′ Year-round (all events), plus production of sign

Visitors Dugout – 1st base side

3′ x 31′ Year-round (all events), plus production of sign

Both Dugouts
Entire dugouts

On Field Logo
Your logo will be displayed prominently of the foul line grass area in front of dugout or base line.

4′ x 4′ Daytona Cubs Home Games Only (70), painting included limit to three colors per logo

Concourse Signs
These selectively placed signs are located along the park concourse in high-traffic area next to the concession stands, souvenir stand, and restrooms, etc.

6′ x 12′ Year-round (all events), plus production
3′ x 8′ Year-round (all events), plus production
3′ x 8′ Field Banners Banner or signage along both baselines, plus production
Line Up Board Line Up Board, updated daily, plus production
Standings Board League Standings Board, updated daily, plus production
Events Board Upcoming Ballpark Events, Calender of Events, plus production
Family Section Banner Includes one Public Address announcement plus production

Pocket Schedule
The pocket schedule is #1 viewed advertising piece in the Daytona Cubs inventory. Include your business name/logo on the schedule that fans will hang on their refrigerators or place in their wallets/purses. The Daytona Cubs print and distribute 350,000 schedules throughout the area in convenience stores, professional offices, schools, grocery stores, banks, and other businesses. Frequency is everything, and the pocket schedule is saturated into our market for maximum effectiveness. All advertising on the pocket schedule is full color.

  • Back Full Panel
  • Inside Full Panel
  • Inside ½ Panel
  • Logo Only (1/8 panel)

Ticket Backs
The ticket back is guaranteed to get your logo or corporate image into the hands of every fan all season long! Your logo/image will printed onto the back of every ticket sold, both General Admission and VIP tickets…especially great for coupons.

  • Complete Ticket Backs – 200,000 tickets to be printed & distributed
  • ½ Panel on Ticket Backs
  • Logo on Ticket Front

Official Game Day Program
Show your support with an advertisement in the Daytona Cubs Game Day Souvenir Program. Professionally printed, this publication is handed out free at each game throughout the season at Jackie Robinson Ballpark and distributed to libraries, airports, and reception waiting areas. A new updated program is released each month!
The program contains player photos, bios, and interesting articles, promotional highlights, schedules, and much more. Businesses advertising in this publication communicate their support for the wholesome, affordable family entertainment that professional baseball brings to the area.

  • All pages are 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Front Cover Strip, Full Color
  • Back Cover, Full Color
  • Inside Cover, Full Color
  • Inside Page, B & W
  • Inside ½ Page, B & W
  • Inside ¼ Page, B & W

To increase attention to your ad, the Daytona Cubs offer a Lucky Stamp, Signature, or Number placed on your advertisement for an additional cost. During every gam of the season a PA announcement will direct fans to open their game day program to your ad to look for a lucky stamp, signature, or number. The winning fan will receive a prize from your business (minimum value of $10).

Roster Insert
The roster insert is updated daily, making it a fan favorite. Theroster insert includes current player statistics, game information, opposing team information, a host of unique, entertaining tidbits, and coupons from local businesses.

  • 1/3 Page Cover, B & W – Can be updated daily, built in-house
  • Back Cover, B & W
  • Inside Page, B & W
  • Inside ½ Page, B & W
  • Inside ¼ Page, B & W

Place your name and logo on the official website of the Daytona Cubs. Thousands of fans across the globe check out baseball websites 24 hours a day. Our website is updated daily with games and stats to attract fans to the site.

  • Full Sponsorship
  • Home Page – Banner advertisement with link
  • Home Page – Logo with link
  • Banner Ads – Not on the home page
  • Links page
  • Fan Interaction Sponsorship –
    • Player of the Game
    • Trivia Question of Day
    • Photo of Day, etc…

Special Promotional Nights
These are the unique advertising opportunities available only at the ballpark. Your business can sponsor anything from baseballs to fireworks to magnetic schedules. Giveaways become ‘walking advertisements‘ for years to come. Your designated night’s game becomes your opportunity to completely showcase your company, as we’ll offer your business maximum exposure with concourse displays, product sampling, and more. All event or specialty nights are all-encompassing: your name and logo will appear in all scheduled advertising for that game, you’ll receive game tickets for your personal use, the opportunity for product sampling or couponing, participation in the game’s Honorary First Pitch Ceremony, PA announcements, and much more! Your business will receive maximum exposure as the title sponsor for the event.

  • Fireworks
  • Event Night
  • Giveaway

In-Game Promotions
In-game promotions are what Minor League Baseball is all about! Fans love to be entertained, and promoting your business as part of the game’s entertainment is a not only fun, but more acceptable to fans than traditional advertising. The Daytona Cubs staff has received promotional awards from ESPN and Minor League Baseball! If you’re tired of normal advertising, allow our staff to customize a creative, fun promotion for you.

  • In-Crowd Promos/ On-Field Promos
  • Post-Game Launch a Ball
  • Kids Run the Bases
  • Batter of the Game, Strikeout Player of the Game, etc…
  • Beer Inning, Peanut Inning, Ice Cream Inning
  • Umpire Introductions
  • Foul Balls
  • National Anthem
  • Senior Nights
  • Concourse Table

…. And anything and everything that the Daytona Cubs staff or partner can think of!!!